Room Revamp – Just the Beginning


I’m finally doing it. A room make over! I really wanted to create a space that mimics my personality, and with these fun colors and decor pieces I think I have. 😉

 This room isn’t done yet, but I’m so excited I just had to share my progress with you. My first step was to create a palette and I knew I wanted to work around the color pink so I branched off from there.

Below is the before picture. Not much going on here. Still looking for that perfect chair for my room so this one will do for now, but this chair makes the desk look quite small so I know I will be wanting a smaller chair.


Here are the after pics. I completely transformed my wall with removable wallpaper from Tempaper. So easy to install and remove. Tempaper removable wallpaper is perfect for renters and anyone looking to revamp the look of their space without the commitment. This room started very plain. The walls are a white color with a slight pink hue. But adding the Tempaper brought everything together. As you can see it looks like a whole new room! There where many designs and colors I was eyeing. I still might try the rainforest design in the future but I love how versatile pastels are and this was easy to incorporate into my decor.


I only needed a utility knife, a large piece of cardboard for a cutting surface, a straight edge, and I used the Tempaper branded squeegee to push out any bubbles. After cutting the first section I then aligned it with the next to make sure my pattern was matching up. I made sure to number each piece so that I could put them up in the correct order. Around two hours to install and it completely transformed my room. I really love the rainbow prism pattern. I think it looks amazing!

When it comes to decorating I have commitment issues and therefore tend to want change half way through the year, so that is why this  Tempaper removable wall paper is PERFECT for me. Even better are their versatile selection with very trendy chic prints and patterns.





As you can see from my “before” photo I was in dire need of some organizing. First on my list was my jewelry because all of those pretty pieces deserved a home to be kept safe in. I had so many of them in bags and they would get tangled or be hard to find. When I find a brand I love I am quite loyal to it. I have used Oyobox to organize all of my sunnies and lucky for me they have jewelry boxes! The simple chic design that is very high quality was a first choice for me. I was able to organize about half of my jewelry in these two boxes. I love the glass top because it shows off my favorite pieces.




Now that my jewelry is organized and my wall looks amazing it was time to find some decor to help bring things together. Look at this incredible home decor piece. This alligator is actually one of the best smelling candles ever. Just from opening the box this alligator candle was delivered in made my living room smell amazing all day long.







Thompson Ferrier has top of the line candles that send a solid message about your character and mood. If there is one thing you find in each room of my home it is a candle. Not only do candles add style to a room but they can give each room a bit of personality. I love candles, especially ones that are trendy home decor pieces, so I am always on the look out for new styles and fragrances. I discovered all Thompson Ferrier has to offer in their stunning collections last year and have been hooked ever since.




That is the start to this room make over .. really looking forward to sharing this process with you along the way! So much more to come! =)




Removable Wallpaper

Alligator candle

Jewelry box


  1. So thrilled you are adding ihome decor into your blogging. Quite sure I want every single thing you showed in this post now. You are doing a great job Marie the room looks pretty.


  2. I am so getting that wall paper of yours ASAP! Will you also show the rainforest one if you get it this would be a great post to see as well and how you style it. I may get that one as well. Please show us that design too. Your room looks nice.


  3. Sending my husband links to that candle right now. I saw others on their site I’m sending him because I must have them. Have you smelled or do you have the skull ones? Keep us posted on this candle company. Thank you for sharing I need those fabulous candles in all my rooms now


  4. That candle tho! Didn’t know about that company and I’ve become obsessed with the candles they have. Please keep showing these. Great choice and taste in decor.

    BTW I bought 2 of the oyoboxs for sunglasses right after seeing your post on them. Probably my favorite ever. Luv your feed and style.


  5. I follow you & love your posts. Please keep posting home decor and from these companies. They all have very good stuff. Want it all

    Must say that you styled this room quite cute and it looks very high end. My best friend and I were just talking about how excited we are that you are posting fashion and decor now. Thanx for showing us this Marie we look forward to more.


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