BBQ & Faux Fur


Okay, I have not often posted about travel, food, beauty and home decor along with my fashion, so with the new year I am going to start moving from fashion blogger to influencer. I will just be sharing all of the great places, things and whatever else I find awesome with you.

This day was nice because we could turn work into something more. Having lunch and chatting was a nice change from the norm.

Now lets talk about food and fashion…Yummy stuff first, lets talk about

 Bodacious Pig 


Bodacious Pig is a fun and fitting name and this is how it came to be

  • The word “Bodacious” means remarkable, outstanding, bold and audacious, and we think the adjective describes us perfectly! Located in the community of Eagle, Idaho, “BP” offers Idahoans a hip, casual atmosphere, that’s an affordable place to enjoy great barbecue cooked right.

Read this and saw the menu and knew I had to try it.

A pulled pork sandwich may seem simple, but unless you start with great pork, season it assertively, smoke it like you mean it, let it rest, shred or chop it properly, crisp the skin, make the sauce, and toast the bun, you’ll never experience barbecue in all its glory.


Us girls fell in love with the vintage chic decor that was incorporated into the causal dining experience. With out even planning it….swear!!!! since I had never been…I actually was wearing a casual outfit that I incorporated a vintage chic faux fur jacket into!! So immediately we were impressed as fashionistas by the first impression of the cool look.



Lemonade and barbecue are perfect together, typically when getting lemonade from the drink fountain at a restaurant I have them add just a touch of water. The fountain lemonade is just too much for me, anyone else feel that way?

Look at those fun accessories too!! =)

(shop links below)



Lets talk about these sweet, smokey, succulent bbq sandwiches! We wanted to try a couple different kinds so we could really get a feel for the menu here. The pulled pork was very tender (which is important), the bbq sauce I chose is made in-house and was tangy with a touch of spice and was the perfect match to bring out all the flavor of the sandwich. Yum!

(The average price of a sandwich is about $11 and that comes with 2 sides. You have so much, we all had some to bring home for later).



They make their own bbq sauce!! They have original and spicy, I opted for the spicy. When it comes to spicy I typically steer clear, but again…I am trying new things…. right?!

I brought this home and have used it so much since getting it. When using the typical barbecue sauce from the grocery store that has nothing to differentiate it from others they all become generic, good enough but generic. This has a spicy unique flavor I like SO much, I am going back for this sauce! It is only $6 which is a good deal for an item that is not mass-produced and in a glass bottle. Look at me, changing my pallet here. I enjoy stepping out and trying new things and I am glad I did here. =)


Now for BP’s sweet tea I have heard so much about. Tea…usually it is not for me. There is a taste to it that just doesn’t appeal to me. Feeling adventurous and hearing lots of good reviews about the ice tea here, I tried it and can honestly say it had a nice sweet taste, not too sweet either…a nice balance. One thing to note when having bbq .. Think about iced tea to help cleanse the palate after a bite or two of a fatty dish. Serving something supremely spicy? Sweet tea is the ticket – the residual sweetness helps balance the spice. I would recommend the tea here and will order it again. =)

What should I try next time? Check out the menu and tell me what to try so I can let you know how it is, or maybe you can give it a try for yourself. =)


Want to shop these super cute looks too?! It is about Food AND Fashion so let’s get to the fashion part now that my mouth is watering thinking about eating that barbecue again. lol

My faux fur jacket has sold out so fast so I have found great alternatives and at even better prices! There are lots of ways to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe, but the most classic way is definitely a coat. Faux fur jackets are warm and cozy, and they just look perfect for crazy winter weather. Wearing them can seem a little intimidating, since they are definitely a statement piece. They aren’t as versatile as, say, a wool coat or a utility jacket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them work for you. If you want to finish off the winter in style, try a faux fur coat.

Bbq is a causal lunch so I wanted a casual look but always looking to add that something extra to give my outfit a look that stands out from others. =)

Casual never looked so chic after adding this faux fur jacket!

Shop my look below ❤



ONLY $30.99!! Green Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Jacket $51.98 Blush Pink

Splurge $167 Green Faux Fur Bomber

Pizza Tee $8.99

Red Cap

Kairos Gem for our gorgeous Jewelry

Similar Bag – Splurge $398

Star Studded Red Crossbody $88

Red Studded Bag $25




  1. Congratulations on your new endeavors Marie. Food that sounds this good must be tried, and I will do just that. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Your style always seems to be unique and your own which personally I have much admired and followed.

    Good luck on the new blogging. Looking forward to seeing the new posts.


  2. I’m going to try bodaciouspig thank you for the review. Fantastically fabulous outfit. To wear that jacket with that outfit —— I wouldn’t have thought of but I’m putting together an outfit as we speak inspired by yours.

    Much love for your blog MM


  3. Girl that ring tho
    I sent it to my BF saying now you know what I want for valentines. Must have some of those.
    Perfect outfit just perfect. Good style miss Marie


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