Bike ride + dress








So soft, romantic and ethereal, pastel colors are the obsession of all girlish girls, who want to spice up their looks with some innocent and romantic vibe, that is what I loved about the lilac colors in this dress! It is so pretty and can easily be worn casual or dressed up for a fun flirty look. The handkerchief hem that gives a nice breezy movement we all love as we sashay along. 😉

I have been shopping around for a new bike … finally this year I am going to get a real bike no more cheap bikes that are uncomfortable … especially when I ride my bike as much as I possibly can! After doing my homework and I must admit being a bit picky on how the bike looks as well … I found one that I am kinda sorta super excited about. =)

The Odessa hybrid for women by 6KU is an amazing ride. Available in 5 colors, I chose Madison gold. Its BEAUTIFUL! The vintage yet chic style has such eye catching charm! My bike is exactly what I need it to be- light, comfortable, stylish and ready to take me wherever you need to go.



Tassel dress

Lavender dress


Lavender dress

Lavender dress


  1. This bike is so nice! That color is beautiful. Your dress is nice too Marie.

    I haven’t heard of 6ku I will see if my bike shop carries them! I want to try this bike.


  2. Yes what a pretty dress. The colors are nice for spring. I am interested in this bike, the seat is very nice with studs. I have a beach cruiser and it feels so big and your bike is sleek and style.

    Do you have other bikes from 6ku and are they just as good?


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