Mixing metallics and knits








I LOVED pairing a cozy boho sweater with an edgy metallic skirt!

I know, Metallics can be scary. They’re so shiny! “Look at me, I’m from the future,” they seem to scream. I say  .. go bold, funky, glamour or keep it sultry yet comfy chic. That’s what makes metallics awesome! Also, metallics go with nearly everything, so they’re super easy to style. Just remember: keep it simple. A silver skirt, after all, is such a statement that you really don’t need to add much. In fact, when it comes to styling one, less is definitely more.

Keep it interesting by wearing granny style knits, like my long chunky cardigan with a pair of booties or maybe fur heels? =) The most important thing for you is to feel confident, great and relaxed.

Long knits are perfect for those ladies who are in love with cozy layers, so if you are in with knits then you need a long cardigan. The length plays one of the major roles, as it gives you a more individual look, keeping you more sophisticated and creative and maybe even bold depending on how you style it.

There’s no doubt that pairing a sweater with a skirt makes for the perfect in-between seasons outfit. Shorter skirts help cool off legs during warmer days, and warm cozy knits are nice for chilly nights. I love how you can mix summer clothes with winter clothes giving you a unique, trendy-chic look. Who else loves the sweater skirt combo?!



Long cardigan


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