Wearing Autumn










I feel incredibly Autumn in the outfit and I love it! The colors are gorgeous.

There’s something so fun and daring about wearing a skirt in the Fall. I wear this orange faux leather skirt a lot, styled so many different ways. Nothing can replace the bold fashion statement that a leather skirt sends when we’re wearing it and it will turn out to be one of your favorite style staples!

Adding a trench coat makes this skirt wearable for the fall season.  Winter is just around the corner so I will not be able to wear this outfit for long but luckily it is also great for spring! There is something so timeless and effortless about a trench coat. Some fun facts to help you chose the right trench for your body shape ..

Short trench coat – The length of this coat reaches a little bit above the hips and is flattering for shorter women if they want to visually appear taller.

Medium length trench coat – This length benefits almost every body shape and height!

Long trench coat – This length is most flattering on tall women. If you prefer to wear this length and are petite, it is recommended that you chose a length just a little below the knee and wear heels.

You don’t have to follow the “rules” though .. wear what you love and what you feel best in! 🙂



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